Saturday, September 30, 2006

comin' atcha!

hey, for those of you who're having issues with sendspace, have no fear -- i'm uploading to youtube and to my server.

here's the dancing segment.

and here's the interview!

damn, he is wicked cute.


tyra interview (right-click and save
tyra dancing (right-click and save)

cute article, talks to benji and heidi (thanks, bev!)

"It's amazing. Every show we've done has been sold out," says Benji Schwimmer, 22, who won this season's competition. "People are calling our names. They hold up signs cheering for us. It's like we're onstage in front of 2,000 friends."

Friday, September 29, 2006


YOU MUST CLICK THIS: benji & tyra dancing, like, intensely (thanks, bev!)

i wonder if benji ever thought he'd have a supermodel smacking his ass. i'm guessing probably not.

office fans, jenna fischer (pam) will be on in a few minutes.

six degrees was awesome tonight. the office was awesome tonight.

and supernatural was AMAZING tonight.

that is all!

EDIT: um. benji was supposed to be on tyra today, yes? WHY did i have beyonce? :((((

also, benji blogged! it's long, and very sincere, and i really love him lots. ♥

RX BLOGJACK: Download link for Benji on Tyra (Thanks, Heather!!)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

in which vixen is SUCH A GIRL.

this made me cry. everyone should watch it.

(i think my favorite is at 1:41. the running start and fling. so cute.)

this song also makes me cry, so everyone should download it.

rhett miller & rachael yamagata - fireflies

*walks around sniffling*

hey, is anyone watching six degrees and/or brothers & sisters? i tivo'd both and finally watched them today. B&S made me cry (anyone sensing a pattern? lol), and six degrees seems pretty intriguing. it's on tonight after grey's anatomy, so if anybody watches you can discuss it with me after. :) you can stream the first episode here on

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

and today was a day like any other.

stuff that's making me happy right now.

1. clay on the ktla morning show today.

part 1.

part 2.

he's so cute and articulate. and he knows his politics. that makes me hot.

also the fact that my girl littleblackdressmama got to meet him last night! ♥

2. this picture of benji.

how can he be so porntastic and yet so innocent about it? my god. is there a male version of the madonna/whore thing? gah! swoon! rawr! squee!

also the fact that my girl courtney met him last night! ♥

3. battlestar galactica promos. the excitement threatens to overwhelm me. this show is amazing and i LOVE the entire cast with the heat of 1000 ez-bake ovens. they are all brilliant and the majority are also gorgeous.

the men.

the women. (the tall blonde on the right is my hero. omg love.)

askfhdasflakh. if you don't watch BSG, you are missing out, my friends. the season 3 premiere is october 6. they keep re-running a "the story so far" 1-hour thingy, so check your listings (or download it for free from itunes, or watch the three minute online version here), get caught up, and watch the season premiere. you won't be sorry. don't let the sci-fi label put you off -- this is drama, and it's SO GOOD OMG.

4. tomorrow night, i get to look at these guys.

supernatural, 9 p.m. on the cw. and if you loved denny on grey's anatomy, he's the dad. so triple hotness, yay!

Clay and Kimmel: BFF

Did you guys watch Jimmy Kimmel last night?

COS IT WAS AMAZING. Everyone needs to see it, so I slapped it up on YouTube.

There was footage of the CD signing during the monologue:

The interview:

"A Thousand Days":

It's all available for download

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

RX? Posting about The Office? No way!!!

Someone uploaded a promo for this Thursday's show, "The Convention". Jim's in a work environment without his tie! He might as well be naked!

Also, NBC released a hilarious tribute video for Dwight/Angela that's sort of along the lines of the
Jim/Pam promo, but it's clearly not supposed to be taken seriously.

"The first anniversary is paper." LOLZZZZ.


Congratulations to Clay Aiken for having the #1 debut on this week's Billboard charts!

He entered at #2, behind Justin Timberlake, with over 200,000 in sales. I've been roaming the message boards, and others think it's a massive disappointment, but I tink it sold pretty damn well. For an album of love song covers that got little to no promotion on the radio, I think those numbers are fucking fabulous.

Also, Clay had a CD signing at the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood today, and here are a couple of pictures.

A bunch more can be found here.

Clay's going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, and fan reports say that Jimmy showed up at the CD signing in a Clay t-shirt and a sign that says, "I LOVE CLAY!" lolzzz.

Monday, September 25, 2006


the new main titles for veronica mars. moody. gorgeous. and my boyfriend jason dohring has moved up in the order.


also, i'm home, yay! more later, but i saw this and got REALLY excited so i had to post.


copy and paste this link into windows media player to watch the season premiere!

EDIT2: non-streaming .wmv (right-click and save)

Elliott Yamin = Super Awesome and Studly

OMG it's Elliott! I've missed him so. *squishes him into purse*

Elliott Yamin's First Solo Concert to Benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research
Richmond, VA (PRWEB) September 21, 2006 -- Elliott Yamin's fans have created a variety of family-oriented fundraising activities that will take place the weekend of Elliott’s first solo concert, at the Virginia State Fair on October 8th, 2006. American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin has legions of supporters around the world and they have joined forces to form a fan website they call the E-TRAIN ( His fans on the E-TRAIN are working together to provide their support for a cause close to Elliott's heart, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Walk for the Cure (JDRF). "I think I can speak for most of us here when I say that Elliott is the inspiration for many of us and we would like to walk in his honor as we support this wonderful cause!" Said Ginger Turner Damato, JDRF volunteer and E-Train co-chair for the weekend's fundraising activities.

Elliott's fans are eager to present him, at the close of his State Fair concert, with a giant white banner signed in multi-colored pens by supporters at American Idol concerts all over the nation. With his banner as backdrop, Elliott will be handed a check representing all the funds raised for JDRF in Elliott's Honor, as a result of the following events:

On October 7th, 2006 the E-train will sponsor a walk-a-thon team to support the Central Virginia Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). (E-train is also sponsoring a JDRF Yard Sale on Sunday, October 1.)

Later on the evening of October 7, at 7:00 PM, the E-train ( will be sponsoring the family-friendly Welcome Home Elliott Karaoke Contest and Fundraiser, at the Holiday Inn, North, from 7 pm to midnight, also benefitting the JDRF. Ticket holders will participate in a variety of activities including a karaoke contest, a buffet dinner, raffles, an “Elliott Art” Contest, silent auctions and other games and activities. Admission is $20.00 for adults and teens, $12.00 for kids under 12. (for tickets: e-mail protected from spam bots).

Judges for the Karaoke contest include popular on-air radio personality Melissa Chase of Q94 radio, recording artist/songwriter Jamela Bullock, E-Train founder Brandon Crowe and one or two surprise judges. A life size, truly life-like cardboard cutout of Elliott will be raffled, and during the evening photo opportunities with the star’s likeness will be available for a small fee (all proceeds going to the JDRF). It will take place at the Holiday Inn North location on Parham Road.

Fans from all over the US and even out of the country – including London, England and Canada, have already registered and there are a limited number of tickets still available for this event.

The E-TRAIN fan site ( was founded on May 18th 2006 by fans who pounded the phone lines every Tuesday night to vote for their favorite Idol. Elliott Yamin suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and has long been a tireless supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, in addition to other Diabetes Associations. There are 20.8 million children and adults in the United States, 7% of the population, who have diabetes. Nearly one-third are unaware they have the disease.

Special thanks to: JDRF sponsor Happy Face Children’s Photography for donating the lifelike cardboard cutout of Elliott.


I'm still working on my Office pictoral. I was about to work on it when I found some screencaps that were higher quality than the ones I had. Now I have to start all over again, lol. Hopefully, I'll have it done before the second episode airs!

STUDIO 60 TONIGHT!!! Word around town is that Clay gets name-checked. Hawt.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

logan + veronica = perfection.

i'm still on vacation, but i HAD to post these. click them!

i love them so much. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!

the season premiere will be streaming on msn starting this coming tuesday.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Of Blogs and Jello Office Supplies

Sorry about yesterday's blogless day. I was having allergy issues and was either sleeping or popping Claritin. It wasn't fun!

But I'm back! I've also made my bi-weekly trip to MySpace, lol, and discovered that Benji had blogged a few days ago.
benji update september 20th!!!
Current mood: thankful

Hi guys!!!

Life is pretty busy yet very good. Ive been touring and flying to meetings and networking and seldom resting but I have learned how to turn off my phone and chill for a minute or two when the body asks for it. I haver some good news...

TOUR NEWS: The Tour just keeps getting better and better. Things are gliding along nicely. We're being watched out ffor up there for sure by how much things come together at the last minute. There's a plethora of script, dance moves, costume changes and even lighting cues we have to think of every minute and yet things come together.

Movie News: Nothing really has changed in this department with the exception of a possibility of me actually renacting a movie of Fred Astaire. The idea has come from somewhere else other then the origional idea and I was mentioned about the part. These things take a long time to get up and running and its more then likely that it may never happen, but Im crossing my fingers in the mean time and I would be honored to do something of that calibur. on a side note...I am enrolled in acting classes afte the tour ends with Jim Carrey's former coach.

Website News: is coming along quite nicely. Go to for the coolest forum around!! Big thanks to my friend Kale for putting in the time and effort in making this happen. He's amazing!!!

Merchandise News: I will be selling on my website special edition t-shirts, signed by myself and friends from the show. We have taken a series of photos with upcoming photographer Casey Curry(working under Dave LaChappelle's wing)...that will be used on the shirts...part of the proceeds go to DEMAND.

Demand News: We also have shirts where 100% of the proceeds go to DEMAND...they are going to be sold soon and donations are going to be accepted very soon!!!

Random News: Kansas City has some really nice areas about it.

Funny Fact: Nigel choreographed a movie called THE APPLE. (1980)...a very trippy movie I might say...thought it was funny to imagine Nigel doing those moves. hahahaha...

Okay then I hacve to get on the bus for Str Louis. Love you guys...stay close to the Man Upstairs. and floss!!!


His MySpace is a very pretty and happy yellow now! I kind of love it.

I'm working on an image-heavy review of The Office, so I'll post that when I can. I was super-pleased with the entire episode. I'm gonna start calling everyone Big Tuna, lol.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

TV PREMIERES - The Office and Grey's Anatomy

Two of my favorite shows return tonight!

Grey's Anatomy premieres tonight at 9:00 PM on ABC. I've remained completely and utterly spoiler-less with season three, so I have no idea what's going on. What I do know is that I can't get "How To Save A Life" by The Frey out of my head thanks to the show's promos, lol

Here's a video for the song that includes clips from the new season. It's a great song!

The season premiere of The Office is tonight at 8:30 PM EDT on NBC. Jenna and John were on The Today Show this morning, and you will definitely find out what's going on between Jim and Pam!

I love when John channels his inner Jimmy Fallon and layers his button-down shirts with semi-ugly striped sweaters. *swooooon*

Also, speaking of The Office, in Clay Aiken's article in People Magazine, he mentions that The Office is his favorite show and he does his best not to miss it. He'll be watching the premiere the same time that I'LL be watching the premiere! CON.NEC.TION. [/delusional spaz]

Also, two quick admin notes:

01. Vixen is in Disney for the weekend (I'm not jealous...I'm not jealous...), so you're all stuck with me until Monday, lol.

02. I know that you can't edit your comments, but if you can try and condense your thoughts into few comments as possible, that'd be great. It's not so much a rule as it is a suggestion, but less comments make for a quicker loading time. ;)

so you think you can sing.

i'm bored, so i'm posting my ten favorite reality tv singing contestants. (i was going to do my top 10 idols, but i didn't have 10, but i had more than five, so i thought i'd throw a few rockstar contestants in the mix. )

clearly, i'm not a girl's girl -- only one female made the list. some of them i absolutely adore and actively follow, some i just really liked on whatever show they were on, and some fall in between.

these aren't really in order, except for maybe the last two. #1 is definitely #1, at any rate. it was too hard to order all ten, tho.

10. kalan porter, canadian idol 2.

kalan actually won his season of canadian idol, which is cool because he was my favorite at the time. i actually didn't watch the show, but i had friends who did so i downloaded a bunch of performances. kalan was so sweet and cute and his voice is just gorgeous. plus he plays the violin, which is hott. his first album, 219 days, was surprisingly good for a idol-winning CD -- usually they're pretty lame.

i haven't really kept up with him, but i loved his CI performances, so he makes the list. here's his performance of "born to be wild." the video quality is annoyingly bad, but you can still get the gist of it.

09.constantine maroulis, american idol 4.

say hello to one of my more controversial favorites, lol. a lot of people hated him, and i can understand why. he's random and in-your-face and sometimes he did an awful job. but i LOVED him, because he always zigged when you expected him to zag, and he turned in some amazing performances along the way.

he's currently working on his first album, and he's on broadway right now in the wedding singer. rx and i are going to see him in october and i can't wait! now, here he is doing "bohemian rhapsody."

08. toby rand, rockstar:supernova.

i won't lie. toby caught my attention by being slammin' hot. period. but, as it turned out, he was actually really talented. imagine that!

he finished in the top 4 of RS:SN, and he's got a band back in australia called juke cartel that i imagine he'll be going back to. they're good; check them out. i know i've posted a few vids of him over the past few weeks, but hey, he's on the list, so i'm putting up another one. so here he is on radiohead's "karma police." also, if you watch 'till the end, he talks and you can hear his accent. very cute.

07. elliott yamin, american idol 5.

man, i adore elliott. it's funny, because i'm not into R&B at all, really, but his voice is so damn pretty, and he's such a sweetheart, that i totally fell in love with him. he finished in third place, and i am fully convinced that he deserved to win. i cried my eyes out when he got kicked off. forget about ivan, elliott was for sure this year's seabiscuit.

are the idols still touring, or is that over finally? i have no idea, i suck at keeping track of E. but he rocks, so here he is singing elvis presley's "trouble."

06. kelly clarkson, american idol 1.

congratulations, kelly, you're basically the one chick i've ever REALLY rooted for. hee. i loved kelly on AI and i love her today. i'm going to man up and admit now that i also kind of liked justin guarini. i KNOW. i got over it pretty quickly, tho. and especially once they had them sing the same songs in the finale -- kelly OWNED justin, omg.

i don't think i really need to tell anyone what kelly's up to these days; girlfriend is ubiquitous. so let's just enjoy a little old-school KC on "stuff like that there."

05. ryan star, rockstar:supernova.

when RS:SN first started, i barely noticed ryan, other than i found him vaguely hot. but before i knew it, he started coming on like a bat out of hell, giving these amazing performances and earning himself the nickname "the dark horse."

he has an album on itunes called "eye of the elephant." it's pretty awesome, very piano-centric and listenable. i had a hard time picking a performance, but i finally settled on this awesome rendition of depeche mode's "enjoy the silence." he's so intense. rawr.

04. jacob hoggard, canadian idol 2.

so, remember adorable kalan, who started off this list? well, jacob was on that same season, and he totally would've been my favorite if i'd actually been watching the show. he came in third -- he was part of a band, hedley (the band is still active, but the line-up is almost completely different), and he just wanted publicity for the band. final three week, he posted a message in his blog telling fans not to vote for him (not in so many words, but the meaning was clear.) and so they didn't, i guess, because that's when he went home. this is his kiss-off performance, and i LOVE it. it's very him. also, check out his version of "space oddity" on youtube if you get a chance. it has to be seen to be believed.

03. anthony callea, australian idol 2.

i fell for anthony completely randomly. i was in a musical secret santa kind of thing, and my sender sent me an mp3 of anthony from the show, and i was realllllly impressed, so i downloaded a bunch of videos of him and fell madly in love. he's got an amazing voice and he's a hell of a performer. very charismatic.

this is the performance i was sent the mp3 of -- it's called "the prayer" and it was recorded as duet between celine dion and andrea bocelli. it's probably his best performance, vocally, but he did a lot of fun songs, too, so look for them on youtube if you get a chance.

02. j.d. fortune, rockstar:inxs.

j.d. was the "villian" of rs:inxs. he was portrayed as the difficult one, the moody one, the fuck-up. he was there to win and had no qualms about saying so. i, of course, didn't care in the slightest, as he was hotter than a thousand suns, had a terrific voice, and is a fantastic performer. when he won, he fell on the stage and cried and it was maybe the cutest thing ever. i adore him, like, A LOT.

j.d. brings the awesome basically EVERY TIME, but this is one of my favorite performances of his, from the finale. IMO, if the guys of inxs were in any doubt, this sealed the deal. here's "you can't always get what you want."

01. clay aiken, american idol 2.

i could go on about clay for a really long time if left to my own devices. i've never found a voice i love as much as his, and i'd be shocked if i ever do. i just love him to pieces, and i don't care how uncool it supposedly is. he's a really good guy, and an amazing singer, and i adore him, so fuck the naysayers. they can bite me.

this is the performance on AI that absolutely convinced me it would be a travesty if he didn't win. of course, he actually ended up not winning, but i'd say that's irrelevant at this point. anyway, this is "to love somebody."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Panic! In The Claikens

That's not too mean a post title, is it? LOL.

Clay's in the next issue of People magazine (on newsstands Friday), and posted an excerpt from the article.

Clay Aiken Speaks Out About Rumors
Clay Aiken is no longer the charmingly awkward, self-confessed "dork" who came in second on 2003's second season of American Idol. He has a new look, a new album – A Thousand Different Ways, which hit stores Tuesday – and some new, hard-won wisdom.

"I learned this year that you can't make people like you or care about you or love you," the 27-year-old, Southern Baptist-bred singer, whose 2003 debut album Measure of a Man sold 2.6 million copies, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

"I'm becoming a man, not just with my hair," he says, laughing about his darker, longer 'do, "but with my life. This year's been an education: the education of Clay."

He's also aware of what people have been saying about him this year, and in the new issue of PEOPLE (on newsstands Friday), he addresses rumors about his sexuality and more. Here's a preview:

On whether he's gay: "What do you say (to that question)? … It's like when I was 8. I remember something would get broken in the house, and Mom and Dad would call me in and say, 'Did you do this?' Well, it didn't matter what I said. The only thing they would believe was yes. … People are going to believe what they want."

On the panic attacks he suffered after Idol: "I'd walk into a room and say to myself, 'I am not going to have a problem when these people stare at me.' … But then (in) that situation, my heart would start pumping, and I'd start sweating and looking around nervously and shaking. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack."

On taking the anti-anxiety drug Paxil: "I said (to my doctor), 'Listen, I don't want to go to a therapist. I have nothing against therapists. I want to think I can do this on my own.' And she recommended that I try a medication. … Now I can sit here; I can go into a store; I can handle a photo shoot. I'm able to get rid of all that stuff in the periphery. It makes everything easier."

On the future: "I want to be a father so badly. I want (kids) one day. (I so volunteer to help with that. - RX) Not now. I would love to adopt. There's an orphanage not too far from my house, and I've been up before with church. I always thought, 'What happens to those kids who have the potential to go to college but just can't afford it?' I've been thinking a lot lately about finding a way to pay for one of those kids to go to college."

ETA - The first part of Clay's interview with Diane Sawyer aired this morning, and I slapped it on YouTube for you fine people!

EDIT: vixen blogjack!

cute little Q&A with benji for swing dancer magazine

it was done just before SYTYCD started airing, so it's just about him and dance. it's really cute. my favorite bit:

You are stuck in a broken elevator with the Muppets. What karaoke duet do you sing with which Muppet?

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Did someone put you up to this question? Because I’m the biggest Muppet fan on earth!!! Heck, I’d do the whole CD collection with them. Mana Mana or Movin’ Right Along, or Rainbow Connection…. Man that would be a blast, even Broadway Melody from Muppets Take Manhattan. Jim Henson is the Man!!!

lolz. ♥


EDIT - Is it blogjacking if it was my blog post to begin with? *brain explodes*

For the record, I'd choose to sing "I Don't Want To Live On The Moon" with Ernie. (Sesame Street characters count!!!) It was always my favorite song as a kid. It's on one of my nephew's DVDs and I have to struggle not to sing it at the top of my lungs.

You didn't think I'd go without finding it on YouTube, did you? Hee.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ass and espanol!

benji shaking his moneymaker at his victory party.

Get this video and more at

benji speaking spanish with flair!

Get this video and more at

thanks, anonymous commenter of awesomeness!

also, i put benji's MM appearance on youtube for your viewing pleasure. :D

EDIT: this is making me obscenely happy right now.

jared padalecki of supernatural and tina majorino of veronica mars

HOW CUTE IS THAT PIC? i ♥ the cw. more pics (mainly vm cast) here.

EDIT2: i'm not sure how i feel about this pic -- it's wicked awkward and daytime-soapesque.

but still...why hello, otp!

the bengan!

hey, uberlate update to remind people to catch the megan mullally show today and see benji! squee!

also, my honey clay aiken is on good morning america. so watch him and then go buy his CD off itunes, as the exclusive bonus track is fucking transcendent. (yes, i called a clay aiken song transcendent. i'll stand by that.)

EDIT: benji on megan mullally, via sendspace. a million thanks to heather for the cap. ♥

also, the clay aiken itunes bonus track? TOTALLY worth the price of the album. plus, he co-wrote it. it's heartbreakingly beautiful.

EDIT2: look how pretty clay was this morning!

i'm uploading the megan mulally thing to youtube and also to my website, so i'll post those when i can.

does anyone need video of clay on GMA?

Monday, September 18, 2006

TV PREMIERE - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Matthew Perry - A horribly underrated, versatile actor. If you love him but couldn't stomach Friends (*gestures madly towards self*), then you'll be very happy with this show.

Major Sorkin Players - Aaron Sorkin, creator of Studio 60, is infamous for "recycling" actors for his shows. Felicity Huffman played Dana in Sports Night, appeared in The West Wing and guests as herself in the pilot of Studio 60. Timothy Busfield directed a few episodes of Sports Night, played Danny in The West Swing and is currently playing Cal in Studio 60. I've got my fingers crossed that Lisa Edelstein will show up in another sex-centric role. Speaking of Major Sorkin Players...

Josh Malina - He's got to show up eventually, right?

Dialogue - No one writes dialogue like Aaron Sorkin. He can squeeze a 65-word commentary into 30 seconds and make it work. He can use uncommon words and phrases and everything will still make perfect sense. You can watch The West Wing and know nothing about how the government works. You can watch Sports Night without giving a damn about sports. I can only assume you can watch Studio 60 and not know how a television camera works. If you don't understand what a masterful wordsmith Sorkin is after Wes's commentary in Studio 60, then you have an awful depreciation of the Englisg language.

Bradley Whitford - He's simply amazing on screen, and he makes sarcasm an art.

Matt/Danny HoYay - Those two make a quiet moment look like something out of Cinemax: After Hours. I watch them and think, "Why...why isn't there more touching?" The now infamous hug on Leno obliterated my last shread of dignity. I will never not want them to get physical with each other.

Let's take a moment to remember that glorious moment.

Ahhhh. *sparks a cigarette*

Nate Corddry - He's the younger and more aesthetically pleasing version of his older brother, Rob Corddry of The Daily Show. He went to Williamstown, and one of his professors was Lewiss Black. It doesn't get much better than that, folks. He had a short stint on The Daily Show himself, but Studio 60 seems like a better fit for him. I predict that his character, Tom Jeter, will be my new Jeremy Goodwin.

It's a show within a show! - It's like Saturday Night Live (without its perpetual suckiness) being the meat within a torpedo roll of drama. This also means celebrity guests and musical performances! That's hot, man.

Possible autobiographical connections - It's rumored that one of the show's characters, Harriet Hayes, is based on Sorkin's real life ex-girlfriend, Kristin Chenoweth. Harriet, incidentally, was romantically involved with Matt Albie (Perry's character). A troubled writer being dumped by a funny blonde Christian girl? Hmmm.

Because it will be consistently mentioned within this blog - You have been warned. Heh.

vixen blogjack!

4 in-studio live clay aiken performances plus a really nice interview -- if nothing else, check out "everything i do (i do it for you)" -- i fucking hate that song, but i love clay's version so much that i may never recover. gah.

also! rx speaks the truth about studio 60! watch it, y'all! and for what it's worth, i've never seen a single episode of sportsnight or the west wing, and i'm in love with S60 anyway, so you don't have to be a sorkin fan to dig the show.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

i *heart* dick. and shirtless benji.

ryan hansen aka dick casablancas of veronica mars. i'd hit that.

i'd hit this too (thanks emily!):

teeny benji and heidi adorableness, aw. (thanks anon!):


um. *objectifies benji like whoa*

benji...LIVE! and other stuff too!

hey kittens, miss me? i went and caught a matinee of RENT with my mom. i love that show so much. if you've never seen god, GO. my mom was teasing me because i've seen it quite a few times and i cried anyway. really, tho. it's BEAUTIFUL. and i loved this cast, so yay!

anyway, in news people care about, i have benji videos, downloadable, courtesy of the lovely and talented apriljoy!

they're .mov files and play in quicktime.

right-click and save!

argentine tango intro
benji falls on the floor (i haven't watched these yet, so i have no idea, lol.)
black mambo
"i love you too"
real men wear pink
inner geek

EDIT: here are the rest:

benji's solo
the scariest day
2 much booty
what's your name?

and sadly, you can't actually SEE this one since it was outside in really awful lighting (altho you get a quick glimpse of B as someone takes a photo), but it's cute anyway and he gives a shoutout to meeeeee. and he says he loves "you guys" which i take to mean all of y'all. XD

a quick chat with benji! (for which apriljoy gets my undying love, because she told him to say hi to me and he did. with style.)

there are quite a few more uploading, which i'll post as soon as i can. it may not be 'till morning tho -- i drove, like, four and a half hours today and i'm ubersleepy.

many oodles of love to april for the videography! ♥


highlight to read: according to this NYT article, jim and pam are in a long-distance relationship. i am filled with SQUEEE.

i'm sort of shocked that someone would just casually mention that in an article, but i buy it. since my assumption is that it means jim is in stamford. i'm guessing a few eps into the season, there will be downsizing, the branches will merge, and jim will be back in scranton.[/spoilery speculation]

also! veronica mars season 3 episode screeners have gone out, and people have seen them, and spoilers abound! check out this livejournal entry for pretty detailed breakdowns of 3.01 and 3.02. i am wiggling around in anticipation.

and that's all i've got to say about that.[/forrest gump]

EDIT: also!!! go here to watch rough cuts of a couple of scenes from the veronica mars season 3 premiere

and while i'm at it, a little bit of random benji cuteness. myspace, you've probably seen most of them, but he's pretty and i feel the need to relentlessy catalogue photos of him. some were big, so i'm just posting them all as thumbnails because i'm tired and my brain has left the building. so...yay!?

the last one is my favorite. he looks extra cute. also like he's 12, but a cute 12, yes?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

a quickie.

go check out apriljoy's blog for some awesome pics and video and commentary from last night's show. she met benji!

2 cute pics i saw yesterday (thanks, lyta!):

also, if you didn't download the pilot and click the pete yorn graphic posted in the last entry, you really, really should. the pilot is AMAZING and clicking the pete yorn graphic takes 5 seconds and helps a friend of mine. :D

oh, and congratulations to lukas rossi, winner of rockstar: supernova. only, you know, not really. :x

EDIT: two amazing promos for veronica mars. i know i talk about this show all the time, but it's really THAT GOOD, you guys. the season premiere is october 3 and you'll definitely be hearing about it in the meantime. :)

these are both fan-made, 90 seconds long, and absolutely great.

this shows more of the personal side of the show. be warned, it has spoilers for season 2. it's a fantastic vid, tho.

this shows the darker, noir aspect of the show. this one's probably my favorite of the two.

watch them! please?! :D

EDIT2: i'm thinking of changing the blog template -- if it starts looking wacky or broken, don't panic, we haven't been hacked, lol.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"where you goin'?" "wherever you are."

ooh, new show. i'm the biggest tv whore ever, you guys.

but srsly, you should check this out.

the black donnellys - pilot (right-click and save!)

reasons to watch:

1) it's about 4 brothers,
2) who are irish,
3) and also hot.
4) they hug,
5) and sometimes cry,
6) and are varying degrees of criminal.
7) it's by the people behind crash (paul haggis and bobby moresco).
8) it's well-shot
9) and moody
10) and the music is amazing.
11) and did i mention it's about 4 hot irish brothers?

somebody watch it so you can fangirl with me!

also: i don't know how many of you are familiar with pete yorn, but he's superfab and you should check him out.

even if you don't actually care (altho you should, pete yorn is awesome and hott), do me a favor and click this photo? a friend of mine and fellow benji fan is a member of his street team and if you click this she gets points. it just takes you to his myspace, it's nothing scary. i'd really appreciate it. thanks!

EDIT: some benji stuff.

article - he confirms that he won't be taking the celine dion gig (thanks, heather!)

and a new pic from myspace (thanks, split chick!):

so pretty. ♥

RX BLOGJACK: Only Kristen Bell can make Star Wars appetizing to me.

O.M.G. That right there could make a girl switch teams without a breath of hesitation.

Monday, September 11, 2006

benji schwimmer = made of adorable.


*changes name to mary* hee.


and again with the cute.

benji en espanol.

Get this video and more at

EDIT: a;sdlkfhdsagha.

EDIT2: for those who're so inclined, you can stream clay's new album here. he sings really fucking pretty.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Who's got two thumbs and has Jim Halpert pinned to her wall?

page samples

This girl!

You can buy the calendar
here for $12.99, but I found mine at Target for only $7.99. I also know that there've been some up on Ebay for $9.99. Whatever you pay for it, it's worth it.

Also, because some Best Buys are selling their exclusive box sets before the actual release date, the gagreels have already made it online. They're hilarious and not to be missed.

EDIT - Hair twins!

Thanks splitchick!

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