Friday, June 30, 2006

if it wasn't for myspace, i'd have a lot less scantily-clad benji photos

yes, this merits its own entry.

benji's shirt says "if it wasn't for myspace [something]."

i need to know. in my mind, it's "i'd never get laid," but i find that unlikely.

google, bitches! :P

(no, srsly. help me figure it out?)

also, i want his "i don't need a weapon, i am one" chuck norris shirt. help me find it?


benji's so internets trendy. hee.

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hey mr. dj, put a record on i wanna dance with my baby

guess what i just finished downloading?!

video soonish -- i'm clipping it now.

(am i the only one who likes this outfit way better than the performance one?)


downloads: put the needle on it & benji's intro (right-click and save)

also, by request: benji stroking donyelle's shoulders on last week's results show (right-click and save)

EDIT2: oh, hell, guys, how come no one reminded me??

some of this:

coming soon. ♥


download it: behind the scenes, week 3 (includes cheek-kiss of spaghetti slurping adorable-ness, as well as benji looking rockstaresque in sunglasses while chewing gum like a cow. bad benji. *cough*rawr*cough*)

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everywhere you look is a heart, a hand to hold on to


benji schwimmer, star (with one line!) of full house, 1987.

download it! benji in his most difficult role: as "benji"

(ps: even with a godawful mullet, john stamos is hott.)

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

suddenly i see

so ashlee and dmitry are going to be partners now?


oh, and i've developed an unexpected and somewhat intense girlcrush on jessica.

EDIT: how about a cute benji pic, just for the hell of it?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


a few screencaps of the benji/travis flippy thing of awesome

here's a nice shot of the top 16


to the hip hip hop, you don't stop

i have two awesomely hilarious vids of benji fooling around doing some spazzy and fabulous hip-hop. it's off the extra features on some dance DVD. there is ass, and crotch, and stomach, and hips, and attitude, and a hat in one and they're basically the best thing ever.

download it!: benji freestyle

download it!: captain benji

i didn't zip them, 'cuz they're small, but make sure you right-click and save, ok?


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everybody loves, everybody cries

omg, you guys!!!

i know lots of you come here for benji stuff, but you should totally check this out.

constantine put a new song up on his myspace, and i LOVE it.

check it out!: constantine maroulis - everybody loves (right-click and save)

it's EXACTLY the kind of thing i always wanted him to do. sort of a pop/rock/soul hybrid and really catchy. kind of gavin degraw-esque?

check it out, you guys! i'm really excited! srsly! exclamation point! :)

EDIT: eeee, another one! girl like you


that boy is poisssssssson!

mini-spoilers: the group dance for tonight is to "poison" by bell biv devoe (shane did the choreo, weee!).

benji is "bendy" and hotter in person. he made eye contact with my friend and winked at her and she's really psyched. ♥

they taped it 8 or 9 times, she said.

benji seemed more serious than she expected. he was practicing between takes while others were playing around more (as was natalie, who's "hot").

travis & benji do some kind of flippy move together. SQUEEE.

travis is a ham.

benji was cute with the make-up people.

one of the crew almost killed donyelle with a camera. also she's GORGEOUS in person.

mary and nigel and the hip-hop choreo girls were there.

much love to my girl heather for the scoop.


more videos in a bit. \o/

bad to the bone


benji & his bitches. heh. notice he's rocking the sickstep t-shirt. which is cool. his shorts...not so much. i'll let them slide this once.

another jack & jill routine, i believe from monster mash 2005. i
love this one.

download it here!

also, i found (thanks to rickey) a clip of last night's routine. sadly, it doesn't have everyone's favorite after-dance walk of neck-nuzzling hottness, but for now it'll have to do.

EDIT: you know what i meant to say last night, but forgot in my fangirly exuberance [of fantasticisms]? the thing i really adore about donyelle and benji (other than how they're both wicked talented and gorgeous with amazing chemistry) is that both of them, moreso than ANY other couple on that stage, really sell whatever's given to them. they really understand what it means to perform, and that rocks my world.

more later! plus maybe some wee spoilers about tonight's group performance; a friend of mine was going to the taping.

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it's a schwimmer thing

so, ever wished you could see benji dance with his sister, lacey?

sure you did.

good news!

benji & lacey perform at monster mash 2005.

download it here!

more tomorrow! \o/

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bringing down the geek; bringing up the chic

my review of tonight's show, which is biased and spazzy and whatever. for a real review, visit my girl pezkat's blog.

ben 'n ashlee, hip-hop: it was ok. i really want to like them, but it just isn't happening for me. also, ben being, like, sexual? no thank you. it i don't know. meh.

ryan 'n heidi, cuban rumba: that was not remotely what i was expecting "cuban rumba" to be. that being said, i thought they totally pulled it off. i still hate him and love her. and i didn't really see a whole lot of chemistry between them -- the dance was certainly sensual, but, i mean, i just don't think ryan's into chicks, really.

dmitry 'n aleks, waltz: *big ball of underwhelmed* (tangent: if one can be underwhelmed, and one can be overwhelmed, why do you never hear of someone being merely whelmed?)

ivan 'n allison, tango: dammit, i didn't want to enjoy this as much as i did. superhot. i may have a new girlcrush -- allison looked slammin'.

benji 'n donyelle, jazz pop: benji! squee! swoon! eeeee! eyeliner! hair! DJ! hotness! serious!benji! glitter! puppies! kittens! rainbows! jelly beans! stickers! floaty pink heart bubbles! kisses! between champagne 'n caviar! love! love! love! can i marry them both? plz?!


musa 'n natalie, quickstep: clusterfuck city, man. musa's feet hurt my soul. the quickstep is meh anyway, tho, so whatevs.

jaymz 'n jessica, contemporary: i only got to see, like, 20 seconds of it. i was maybe replaying b&d's routine. oops.

travis 'n martha, hip hop: man, he's such a little bitch, isn't he? i still would rather watch him than anyone on that stage, other than benji. i know people said martha had more of the style that the routine was supposed to be in, but i liked watching him a LOT more. i actually remarked "he's so much better than her that it's distracting" during the routine.

what did you guys think?

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

put the needle on it

damn, benji & donyelle were HOT HOT HOT tonight!

cap shamelessly stolen from rickey.


you just made my list! :O

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dig if u will the picture

as we all wait around for 8 p.m. to get here, how about some crunchy fresh benji pics? credit for finding most of these goes to the lovely erin, benji fangirl extraordinaire and all-around righteous babe. :)

benji and some cute guy.

hee, he's trapped in the corner, y'all! get 'im! ;)

don't hate the player.

he's got the streets in him.

cool cat. hot guy.

here comes the sun.

"...without a noise, without my pride; i reach out from the inside..."

also, benji & donyelle are on the cover of tvguide (just a small inset pic, but still); credit to JPLewisFAN for the scan.

i've got more old-school benji videos on the way, y'all, so stay tuned! hopefully i'll get something up tonight, if not tonight, tomorrow. :)

also, i'm sorry to say that i'm going to europe on july 6 so i'll be MIA for about 12 days. of all the times to have a vacation planned, right! i'll be expecting you to vote extra-hard for me while i'm gone!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

benji schwimmer > you

thanks to an extremely kind & generous reader, i've procured some ROCKIN' old-school benji vids. thank you, reader! *kisses*

my ftp program is being a bitch right now, so i'm uploading to megaupload. i'll post 'em as they get uploaded, so watch this space!

old school benji vid #1: download it here (mirror)

it's from a "jack & jill" competition (more specifically, "invitational jack & jill, seattle easter swing 2003" -- ID'd by the lovely sophisticated hobo). dancers sign up as individuals and have to improvise a dance with a randomly assigned partner to whatever music gets played for them. it's really cool to watch. benji and his partner won, natch. she does a lovely job, but he is phenomenal.

old school benji vid #2
: download it here (mirror)

another J&J vid, from "champions jack & jill, boogie by the bay 2002" (thanks again to SH for the ID). i think i like this one better. maybe? i love the musicality. and also how you can see how strong of a lead he really is. *swoons a little* also. second place? second place my white irish ass! ROBBED, i say.

old school benji vid #3: download it here (mirror)

a routine at the U.S. open, i *think* in 2002, with heidi. AWESOME. i'd say more but i'm half asleep.

old school benji vid #4: download it here (mirror)

benji & heidi's first-place routine from the U.S. open 2003, before he left to go on his mission to mexico. the entire routine is fantastic and the tricks are great and the whole thing is wonderful. that being said, my favorite part involves benji standing almost totally still;
the last five seconds of this video make me smile SO hard. it's such joy, guys. overwhelming joy. i love it. ♥

do me a favor? leave me a comment if you download, ok? even if it's just "yo!" i'm trying to get an idea of how many people actually come by here.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

i love a man in eyeliner

spoilers, anyone?

from deLioncourt34 @ Idolforums (my interjections in pink!).


OOOOOKK! Here we go.

-The performers tonight were some swing group called A hop, swing and a jump or something. Really good, awful Hawiian outfits and grandma shoes.

-Ben and Ashlee were first, They did hip-hop to "Caught up" by Usher. It was FIRECE. I loved it. My roomate and I found that there weren't any Ben signs so we were constantly shouting "Ben's Hot! or We love you Ben!" Ok So I'm hoping on the Ben love minivan. I heart.gif Him and Ashlee. agh. Judges said it was pretty good.

-Heidi and Ryan did a cuban rumba. It. Was. HOT. There wasn't really a constant beat but Heidi was off the hook. Loved it and so did the judges. (squee! i'm glad for heidi.)

-Dmitry and Aleks did a waltz. I thought it was ok but the judges just did the whole "Dmitry you great, Aleks you were awful" bit they pulled with him and Joy last week. She wore like a neon green dress and his tie was green to match. and during the intro we got full open shirt Dmitry which was wub.gif . And he was realy nice to Aleks like rinbbing her arms and hugging her and stuff. Nicer then he was to Joy. (down with aleks, man! poor dmitry with the partners of suck.)

-Allison and Ivan did a Argintinian (I think) tango. GUH, So hot. Allison was smokin' and Ivan actually pulled it off quite nicely. This got the biggest pimping from the judges. Ok Ivan's not great dancer but boy what a sweetheart he is. Such a nice, funny kid.

-HOLY EYELINER BENJI!!! Wow he was decked in eyeliner (INSERT MY BRAIN MELTING. MEN IN EYELINER ARE AMAZING) and a mohawk and did pop jazz with Donyelle. Bryan choreographer this one anf it was FIERCE! I loved it! Benji was supposed to be portraying a DJ and Donyelle was this hot girl yadda yadda. Definately got the most applause from the audience. The judges comments were mostly "You gets fit so well, great team, etc." (and eeeeeee for choreo by!)

-Musa and Nat did a Quickstep to cherry poppin' daddies and it was weird. But only because it was a quickstep set to such an awesome swing song it was just ok for me. But bless Musa' little heart for tryng so hard. In the video he had to wear a Ballroom training bar and it was HILARIOUS. Judges didn't like it very much. (i can't imagine musa pulling off a quickstep. :/)

-Jessie and Jaymz did comtemporary to Frou Frou (yay!) and it was amazing. I was on the side of the stage on the judges side and Jaymz did this cartmwheel and kick thing and it was so close to our faces. Judges liked it. They used like all of the stage. Very, very good.

-Travis and Martha did hip hop to some Chris Brown song. I thought it was hot and props to Martha for doing hip hop in heels. Judges didn't really like it. Though they didn't flow as a couple. (do they ever?) I agree but I'm too ful of Travis love.

other bits....

-Judges were Nigel, Mary and Those two east coast hip hop chicks. (mary! woooooooo! mary should date taylor hicks, omg.)

-Nick, Ashlee, and Melody were there.

-Benji's dad and sister were behind us in line which was cool. The girl who auditioned with Benji in LA stood next to us by the stage.


and later, in response my eyeliner squeeing:

LOL one of the judges comments was like "So you wanted Benji to be masculine and you put him in eyeliner!" haha.gif But some of the faces he was making during the dance were so sexy. wub.gif


aaaaand one more:

"we did get brooding jacket and headphones wearing sexy Benji"


*is excited*

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i'm waiting for my wake-up call

while we wait for SYTYCD spoilers (ok, while i wait, whatevs!), you guys should check out the fanvid i made. it features logan echolls of veronica mars.

speaking of which: if you don't watch VM, you're totally missing out. it's BRILLIANT.

the pilot is here. please check it out. if you ever take my word on anything, take it on this. it's an amazing show and its ratings are consistently really low, which is a travesty. the writing is razor-sharp, the story is compelling, the entire cast is sensational. check it out, dammit!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


how about a little "boys of supernatural" picspam?

first, have some jared padalecki.

*puts on spurs*

*breaks own car*

why are all men hotter when dirty? also, let's appreciate the shoulders, yes?

moving on. my favorite winchester brother, jensen ackles.

because every man i fangirl should ocassionally rock a cowboy hat. (i have different shirtless cowboy hat pics of him, but they look like total twinkie porn and it's just too embarassing, lol.)

nice guns. and gun.

ooh, moody.


preach it, boy!

and now, because it's so much friendlier with two (especially when they're both hot boys, obvs):


more cute.

(time out: i like when i go to type in the "img" tag and typo "omg", because it's often quite apropos.)

yet more cute and also lol.

i love the hand-on-the-chest thing.

and again!

i'm waiting for the supernatural ep in which sam & dean are both possessed by randy gay demons and make out extensively. c'mon, y'all were thinking it too.

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clay motherfuckin' aiken, yo

so, i posted this in my LJ a while back, but i since it took me FOREVER to do, i figured i'd share it with the world. there's free music, yay!


ok, kids! sit's time for a story. a story that comes with videos and music, even! a story that spans years and, uh, states. one might call it an epic story. :D

once upon a time (and by that i mean in january of 2003), i was watching tv, and i saw this awesome dork on american idol.

(click photo for youtube video)

i instantly liked him, and was super-pissed that he didn't make it through in the original semi-final round.

luckily, he got to come back and sing "don't let the sun go down on me" for a wildcard slot, which, thank god, he won.

(click photo for youtube video)
have an mp3!

he proceeded to kick ass on a weekly basis. i discovered that i wasn't the only one who liked the awesome dork.
i also discovered the world of internet fandom. O.o thanks, clay.

thanks to the AI stylists, clay went from an awesome dork to an awesome really cute dork!

the night of the top 5, he sang "build me up, buttercup" and was adorable.

(click photo for youtube video)

some mp3s: open arms, somewhere out there, mac the knife, and to love somebody.

for the AI finale, he sang "bridge over troubled water". and was fucking amazing.

(click photo for youtube video)

he also sang what would become his first single, "this is the night." and was, y'know, amazing.

here's an mp3!

as you may have heard, he didn't win idol. which sucked. a lot. i cried like a baby.


within the next few months, he was on the cover of rolling stone, looking kind of weird.

but he was inside RS looking poetic. (to this day, this is one of my favorite pics of him. the photographer snapped it when clay wasn't paying attention.)

he was on the cover of entertainment weekly, but i can't find a scan, so here's a photo from that shoot.

he was featured in elle.

and even in people's "sexiest man alive" issue.

he went on tour with the AI gang, and kicked ass. he premiered "invisible," the first single from his album.

mp3 of "invisible"

On october 14, 2003, clay released his first album, measure of a man.

(Click to go to Amazon)

It included the tracks invisible, run to me and perfect day.

measure of a man sold 613,000 copies the first week -- the highest first-week sales for a solo debut in soundscan history.

it's since gone triple platinum.

he sang at game 1 of the 2003 world series, and looked super-cute doing it.

(click photo for youtube video)

he won an american music award in november (fan's choice).

he won a billboard music award in december (top-selling single of the year, "this is the night").

in february 2004, clay went out on a co-headlining tour with kelly clarkson. They called it the independent tour.

i...don't have much stuff from that tour for some reason, but here's an mp3 of fields of gold that's really, really pretty. incidentally, it's from the miami concert, which I was totally at! :D

in march of that year (2004), clay showed up on AI3 and sang "solitaire." do i need to point out that he did it awesomely?

(click photo for youtube video)
here, have an mp3 of it.

he went on jimmy kimmel that may, i think, and sang and had emo sleeves, which made me squee because i'm easy. (not like that.) (ok, yeah, like that, too.)

(click photo for youtube video)

in the summer of 2004, clay went on what was technically his first solo tour. since it the dates came out all willy-nilly and his management described at as playing a few shows over the summer (he wound up doing, I think, 52 shows?), the fandom christened it the NAT -- the "not-a-tour."

but it still had a program!

one of the things he'd do at every show was have someone from the audience sing a duet with him. he did a duet with kim locke (also from AI2) on her album, so his bodyguard would let people audition before the show, and he'd pick someone to sing the song with clay.

on the last night of the tour, clay sang with a 4-year-old girl. this is obscenely fucking cute. if you don't watch and admire it, god will kill a kitten.

(click photo for youtube video)

he also, y'know, sang other stuff, including: sweet baby james & i survived you.

on november 16, 2004, clay put out a christmas album -- merry christmas with love.

(click to go to amazon)

it included the tracks o holy night, mary did you know? and don't save it all for christmas day.

FYI, all three of those ^^ are FANTASTIC and i can't recommend them enough. for serious.

then, clay went out on a christmas tour -- he called it the joyful noise tour.

one of my absolute favorite things from the JNT was the encore -- a song i'd never heard before called "good news," originally by avalon. it's jesus-y. i'm not so much into jesus, but clay is, so i guess he likes singing this, and it's like...unbelievable.

seriously. it makes me cry.

(click photo for youtube video)

here's the mp3 - "good news"

a couple others from that tour: i'll be home for christmas and the first noel.

in february of 2005, clay played kenny, a geeky cafeteria worker (who goes on to win the hospital talent contest) on scrubs. clay AND zach braff? AND john c. mcginley? yes, please.

(click photo for youtube video)

last summer, since clay had no album out, he did something that i thought would be absolutely lame -- and it wound up being my favorite thing he's ever done.

the jukebox tour.

like i said, i loved this a lot, so you get a lot of mp3s. they're all awesome. they're also all bootlegs, obvs, so pardon the shrieking fangirlies.

50's medley, pt. 1 (twistin' the night away, let's go to the hop, johnny b. goode, rockin' robin)
50's Medley, pt. 2 (the great pretender, only you, that'll be the day, great balls of fire, rock & roll is here to stay)
unchained melody (*SWOON*)
elvis medley (love me tender, hound dog, blue suede shoes, don't be cruel, heartbreak hotel, jailhouse rock, i can't help falling in love with you, suspicious minds)
when doves cry (i know how ridiculous that sounds, but he sings the fuck out of it, srsly.)
80's Medley (all night long, never gonna give you up, alone)
i can't make you love me (this KILLS me. heartbreaking and gorgeous.)

here's a video of the elvis stuff, 'cuz it rocks.

(click photo for youtube video)

and one of the 50's medley, because it also rocks. he dances on top of a piano, people!

(click photo for youtube video)

he even previewed what in theory is a song from his upcoming album, although at this point, who knows?

back for more

he also did another christmas tour in 2005, but i didn't get to go, for me. and you guys. :P

i'm forgetting a shitload of stuff -- and i couldn't possibly upload or picspam all of it anyway.

here are a couple of mp3s that are awesome, but i didn't feel like hunting down photos/videos for.
they're really great, though, and i HIGHLY recommend them.

can you feel the love tonight? (with broadway actress heather headley) & proud of your boy (specially recorded for the aladdin platinum edition dvd)

he also appeared on SNL, leno, letterman, etc., had his own christmas special on nbc, started a foundation for disabled kids, was appointed a UNICEF ambassador for education, was interviewed a few times by larry king, had a primetime interview with diane sawyer, published an autobiography that hit the top of the NYT non-fiction list, was on oprah's "wildest dreams" episode last year, and basically rocked my face off whenever he had the opportunity.

sadly, i didn't see or hear for him for a while. and i almost thought i'd lost interest.

and then...

on may 23, 2006, he showed up on the finale of american idol 5 and surprised the HELL out of an impersonator/fanboi -- and managed to surprise the hell out of me, too.

(click photo for youtube video)

aaaand...turns out, i still love him.


*falls over*

also, any music i've posted here is for preview purposes and you should delete it within 24 hours. anything you do with it is not my responsibility, so take that, RIAA! :P


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