Thursday, November 16, 2006

i like bread 'n butter, i like toast 'n JAM.

in honor of a very special reunion tonight (and all sorts of other AWESOMENESS), i give you a JAM-spam. and by "JAM," i obviously mean "jim & pam of the office." and by "JAM-spam," i mean not only jim & pam, but also john & jenna. because you can't have the JAM without the J&J. or whatever. if jenna weren't happily married i would totally campaign for a fischer/krasinski romance. anyway, they're both gorgeous so they should be looked at as often as possible in every combination there is. including sometimes alongside other cast members because it's easier for me to not have to edit photos.

anyway, two of my favorite people in the world:

tongue. and chest hair. and, y'know, JKRAS.

oh hey how did that get there? :O

*blows his party horn* heh.

she is the cuteness.

sdlkfjgsdklgjhdgah. so hot.

LOVE this pic.

heeeeeeeeee. BEST. DUNDIES. EVAR!




who, this chick?

i have read, like, seven fanfics based on this photo. hee.

oh jkras, you vamp.

this picture is everything good in the world. ♥

pam's mom: "so which one is jim?"


dead of boredom.


"i wanna be more than that."

a really excellent JAM video set to sia's "breathe me."

a hilarious t-shirt opportunity: choose sides (i have to admit that despite my JAM love, i'm totally on board with karen, too. she is so damn cute, for serious.)

ALSO OMFG: watch this clip from tonight's episode. so many many many volumes of LMAO. it's not really spoilery, just amazing.

Squee! Tracy this makes me so very happy!

I'm so excited and nervous about tonight's episode. While on any other show I would love the character Karen - it pains me to see anyone come in between the JAM. It wasn't until this season after Pam called off the wedding that I liked Roy. Yes, I'm a jealous bitch.

Oh and uhhh...I like seriously need links to those fanfics. Thanks in advance.
This? Is why I love you.


TD (aka Team Karen Founding Member -- but maybe I'll reconsider my membership if things go well in the next few weeks)

I totally approve of this post in an infinite amount of ways.

As hilarious as "Lazy Scranton" is, the Yahoo preview clip of Michael and Andy meeting makes my brain heat up and explode. It is AMAZING.
Yay! I love picture spams... love...

You know the pic that is all things good in the world?? I love it. It might just be me but whenever I see it I definetly see his right eye looking at her face and his left.. a little south of her face :D makes me happy.

Whatwhatwhat?! Yahoo clip of Michael and Andy meeting?! TUNA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

No, seriously, where can I see it? And please explain why I cannot find EVERYTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD on your blog. It would be so much more convenient.

I don't have the link handy, but has it posted.

You have to see it. It is made of awesome.

Also, "everything good in this world" is the second photo of Jenna and John at the Emmys. The one where he's all swoony-faced.
Oh, man, this is funny. My reference to "EVERYTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD" was a poor choice of phrase, since it is pretty much exactly the title you gave that photo of Jenna and John. Obviously, your words made a big impression on my brain....I was just being silly wondering why I couldn't find everything I would ever want or need here on your blog. Meaning, of course, that I already DO.

Lucky ducks everywhere else in the country...already have sen The Office. I'm getting antsy.

And that word would be "seen" and not "sen."

Thank you.

OMG!!!!! How cute are they?!?!?!?!

That episode... HILARIOUS!!

I'm sooo excited!! So many new faces!
This post is teh love

Scranton -- wHAT?
The electric city!
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