Sunday, November 19, 2006

baby on a jensen.

jensen ackles and a baby.

*clutches ovaries*

that is all.

EDIT: nope, not all. speaking of my ovaries: clay aiken and a kid.

he was looking good the other night!

ok, THAT is all. for now.

Oh yeah first comment!

Yummmy.....Clay is soooo cute with kids!
hey miss tracy...
benji's appearance on Megan Mullally's show airs TOMORROW
Monday 11-20-06

and I have the dvr set to record...
I was so going to tell you about the pictures of Clay. Glad you found them. And yes I had to clutch my own ovaries when I saw the picture of Clay with the little girl.
DEMAND vids. Now I can't wait for the DVD to come out. That dance B/L were working on turned out great, and they changed "the move" a little bit. OH and Bryce.....sweet song.

Benji & Lacey
B/L 2

Different person
Benji Solo (really dark, but its Benji)
I NEED to know what song that was, the one that Lacey and Benji danced to! Thanks.

Oh and Clay... ahem, da-reamy!
The song Benji and Lacey danced to is That's so you by The Rocket Summer.

Second vid is actually Benji and Torri, the girl who danced with him at auditions.

All Demand vids here: (full courtesy of xrogue81)

I have Benji's appearance on Monday's Megan Mullally Show on my myspace.... had to do it in 3 separate videos due to file size...

hey... what's with Clay & Miss Ripa.. I obviously missed something
hey hey... I managed to get the megan show all in one video instead of three...
Benji is so hilarious. I love that guy. Clay is so dreamy. I love that guy too. Me thinks I am a little boy crazy. Oh well.
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